Insert URLs to is a free tool to shorten a URL or reduce a link. Use our URL Shortener to create a shortened link making it easy to remember, it's free.

JustURL is easily and fast accessible tool, Just enter a huge long URL to get it smaller URL.


Use any long url, no matter how long it is, JustURL always shortens.


JustURL service have HTTPS protocol, data encryption and also google reCAPTCHA protection.


Get the detail report of shorten URL by having number of clicks and many more.


All links that try to disseminate spam, viruses and malware are detected.


Compatible with smartphones, tablets and desktop.

What does JustURL offer?

Simple and fast URL shortener

JustURL shortens your long link allowing it be easier to remember and share. When your visitors access our short link, they will be redirected to the long link. You can shorten and track as many links as you want, it's free.

For Example

Transform This Long URL:,0,100,100&cht=p&chco=FF0000%2CFFFF00%7CFF8000%2C00FF00%7C00FF00%2C0000FF&chd=t%3A122%2C42%2C17%2C10%2C8%2C7%2C7%2C7%2C7%2C6%2C6%2C6%2C6%2C5%2C5&chl=122%7C42%7C17%7C10%7C8%7C7%7C7%7C7%7C7%7C6%7C6%7C6%7C6%7C5%7C5&chdl=android%7Cjava%7Cstack-trace%7Cbroadcastreceiver%7Candroid-ndk%7Cuser-agent%7Candroid-webview%7Cwebview%7Cbackground%7Cmultithreading%7Candroid-source%7Csms%7Cadb%7Csollections%7Cactivity|Chart

Into Just Short URL: